1 HOUR Of The Best Relaxing Music | Bamboo Flute | – Meditation – Healing – Sleep – Zen – Peace

1 HOUR of The Best Relaxing Chinese Bamboo Flute and Piano Music. Relaxing Slow Music for Zen Meditation, Sleep, Peace and Healing .

Discover peace and transformation. Scale into the surreal but natural landscape around you…

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Music by 陳悅

23 thoughts

  1. The melody itself is wonderful but it is 1 minute and 50 seconds long and keeps playing in a loop for 56 minutes. So, thumbs down for that.

  2. I always play this when I write to my best friend and it allows me to open up my heart…

  3. каждое утро мне разбудить ето потрясающий музика

  4. lol I can’t stop listing to this every night. Like 5 days in a row. Anyone else?

  5. this song all must made me cry because my grandmother died my hole family cried of tears

  6. I can’t help but I have to comment on this beautiful manifestation of such lovely and soothingly melodious beauty… Makes me want to go to past when only a green-life existed , not much advanced- technology but just a simple life in a village working hard and having big dreams in the gloomy and foggy mountains. While it rains and you sit inside a cave and watch the valleys from top of the mountain and watch that dream girl who has a such beautiful face and an innocent smile…You sigh and roam and hang about the day with your buddies, you play together, sleep together, cry together.. All those happy moments just speak from the bottom of my heart even its not the reality and I have never experienced such things..but this song has something in it… <3

  7. the best music ever heard in my life so melodeies it so relaxing its dam good I love this music 🎶🎼

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