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Using a number line, we’ll explain the rule of “invert and multiply” when dividing two fractions.

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25 thoughts

  1. I am tutoring a boy in grade 8 who understands the mechanics of multiplying and dividing fractions. However, when it comes to creating an equation from a word problem he has difficulty determining which operation to use. Many adults would as well. Take this simple one: A water tank holds 80 liters. When half of the water is used, how much water is left? (Divide by one half, right? NO!) How do I explain the difference between dividing IN half and dividing BY a half (one half)?

  2. I keep watching this and I just can’t figure it out. I understand what 8/3rds is but when you get to multiplying it by 3 that’s when I get lost. How can 8/3rds be the same as 24/3rds? . And when you say “Jumps” isn’t more like if you had 8/3rds of pie divided by a 1/3rd ,well the 1/3rd will get all the 8 slices ?

  3. Wouldn’t it be less confusing if you just said ” how many times does 1/3 fit into 8/3″ instead of saying “jumps” it fits in 8 times.

  4. It works for me. In fact the doctor who treats me for the accident that caused damage to the left side of my brain said it works because of imagery, which comes from a different part of the brain being connected back to the part that was hurt. He still doesn’t know how exactly it’s working but it is. Without the imagery I would never remember the numbers.

  5. This is does not help and his voice is like he’s a grumpy man, because of his wife of course 😱😱😱

  6. I used to hate u in 3rd grade because I didn’t get what ur saying but now I’m in 7th and I finally get what ur saying

  7. His obsession with different colors for each number is really getting to me. Takes so much more time and patience, for zero return…

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