Singapore Math: Grade 3a, Unit 1 (part 1)

Objectives: Read and write numbers less than 10,000. Relate each 4-digit number to its place value.

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  1. Singapore maths is not taught in such convoluted way. It confounds more than it defines the concept, if singapore maths is taught by this fella!

  2. dude.. if i am your student for singapore math, i won’t improve. I’m a singaporean math teacher and i think there are so much talk in your videos that you are getting the concepts across to people. Singaporean math teachers don’t talk as much as you do, yet the students get the concepts without getting bored.

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  4. Is it for 8 year old? Standard must be low now than decades ago. I was running my father’s shop on my own at thatage as well as top student in the school let alone finishing maths problems in minutes and correct fellowstudent’s work on behalf of my maths teacher.

  5. The term “Singapore math” refers to the company publishing math books, not the math taught in Singapore. It has nothing to do with Singapore.

  6. I am training my 4 yr old baby girl abacus, and she knows her counting till 1000. But when I showed her last night this video, she was so exited that she wanted to see it again, although she was so tired! Thank you! This is the first best thing since the educational Disney shows 🙂

  7. hi mr khan

    can you please tell me what it means if we had less then a unit

    for example

    $1351.50 cents

    you will 1 thousands
    3 hundreds
    50 tens
    1 units

    what do i call the remaining .50 cents?

    do you have a video that explains what is less then a unit.

    thank you

  8. I’m 11, from Singapore too, but I’m great at Math, but I get careless sometimes so I want to see if I can solve some tough questions like I did to a Sec 1 question.

  9. @LegoWilly

    i do not think that is correct.

    you have 5 tens

    you have 1 unit

    what do i call .50 ?

    What do i call something that is smaller then 1 unit.

  10. Big thanks to @khanacademy ! I’d learnt Algebra, Trigonometry ! But my dMaths exam tomorrow contained Symmetry, Symmetry Properties of Circle and Angle Properties of Circle. But I’m still glad-ful I’d learnt something. (:

  11. I used to think drawing models was hard. Till i got smacked in the face with algebra in secondary school T.T

  12. You seriously draw out the marbles,haha!! I know this video is pretty old but modern tablet laptop would be easier to draw this.

  13. this doesn’t seem different from anything i was taught as a child in the 70’s  why is this unique.  or is it that basic techniques are just being renamed and repackaged and presented as something new

  14. I like your videos at Khan Academy I saw a video of you that you’re helping thousands of kids all over the world on Khan Academy and I’m one of them my name is yaneli and you went to my school.

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