Practice Finding Patterns In Numbers | 3th Grade | Khan Academy

Learn how to spot a pattern in a sequence of numbers, such as 3, 6, 9, 12…

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Grade 3th on Khan Academy: We know you’ve been rocking through 2nd grade adding and subtracting all kinds of whole numbers (up to 2 digits, right?). That’s awesome! In 3rd grade math we want you to start using bigger numbers and start multiplying and dividing, too. By the way, did you know that some numbers aren’t actually “whole?” They’re “partially whole.” We call them fractions! We want you to start playing around and having fun with those, too. There’s also area, perimeter, and place value to be discovered. Whew. We have so much to do and can’t wait to do it with you. Let’s go!

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  1. thank you so so much khan i have a test coming up and I hope I Make it to my acis math olympics coming up

  2. Your first problem is incorrect 67+21… Since this is an obvious incorrect answer, and that it was officially published here on youtube; I have to question the accuracy of not only just this video, but also others published by Khan.

    If this easier question has a basic error what other videos have errors that aren’t as apparent as this video. As you can see it undermines your reputation as being a reliable learning website and it’s corresponding video’s…

    People make mistakes, but at least correct the mistake and upload a correct video; or acknowledge the mistake like many youtubers do with a note on the screen during the video without having to make a whole new video to ensure your credibility remains in tact.

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