Solving A Proportion With An Unknown Variable (example) | 7th Grade | Khan Academy

Here’s a great video where we explain the reasoning behind solving proportions. We’ll put some algebra to work to get our answers, too.

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18 thoughts

  1. What if the cross mutiplying result have the coeficcient as the numerator?for example we have 4/x=5/10 and the result of cross mutiplying is 5x/40?do we flip the 4/x and 5/10 so it looks like this?: x/4=10/5?

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  3. For people that are confused, there is an easier way, just multiply 36 times 10 then divide by 8. the answer will still be 45

  4. This way is a way to complicated.You just have to cross multiply the numbers.Then you dived that by the other number.For example: If the problem was 8/36=10/n you multiply 36 and 10 to get 360 then you just divide it by 8 and the answer is 45.

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