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6 thoughts

  1. Actually quite useful coming from an english person wanting to learn about us currency

  2. I don’t understand. Why don’t these coins have an prominent Arabic number on the coin? (e.g., 25, 10, 5, 1) Why doesn’t coin size correlate with denomination?
    Penny = 1 cent
    Nickle = 5 cents
    Dime = 10 cents
    Quarter = 25 cents

  3. Can’t you combine all your early math videos into one instead of seeing 5 videos all 3 minutes long when looking at my subscriptions? I love your content on linear algebra and that wasn’t split into 3 minute segments. This is bombardment when looking to see new videos from subscriptions. Guess I will just bookmark this instead of subscirbing and hope I don’t reinstall my browser forgetting to backup bookmarks.

  4. I don’t understand why learning unmarked american coinage is tested here. It is like asking someone to calculated the value of a unmarked circle then tell them they are incorrect.

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