How To Get Kids Into Classical Music

29 thoughts on “How To Get Kids Into Classical Music”

  1. As a young child, I used to often relax with classical music. I still do, and I prefer it to be unblemished with the foolishness of most modern music or themes. This was a funny video however! XD

  2. Then it’s not classical music anymore, it has lost it’s meaning. Plus it’s classical pieces not songs, it’s the official name.

  3. They actually helped me realize how stupid pop music is and how the lyrics have no meaning and no substance the music is trash I mean look at what’s considered a hit right now on the radio Rihanna work🙈 (face Palm) I’m defiantly changing my music taste now for the better thanks for the help 👍🏾 good lookin out

  4. I like it, it sounds horrible at the end lol, but they must be clever to put any song in the classics rythm. However I think they don’t need to do this to learn and love classics, there are so many ways – like put a significant music when they are eating or watching something… 😉 but is a lovely game to play, anyway!

  5. Everyone seems to miss the point. Kids don’t inherently know the ‘genius’ of classical music. Personally, I think this method’s adorable. Will try it sometimes (if I ever have kids).

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