Guitar Music – Focus, Concentration, Study Music With Ocean Waves: Relaxing & Calming Music

32 thoughts on “Guitar Music – Focus, Concentration, Study Music With Ocean Waves: Relaxing & Calming Music”

  1. You have succeeded already when the thought came in your mind to start up something and you wanted a push from your back and you landed here in this video… So your brain has taken this as a push but remember you already took a step forward to move up and study… That is by itself success my dear friends… Enjoy this wonderful music… Happy learning 🙏🏻😇

  2. from:a person youmight have seen and you dont know it/someone you never saw

    nevere give up, always stay calm and be yourself in every moment, if something didnt go with the way you liked, just accept it and dont worry because sooner or later it might change your life into a good way 🙂

  3. 264 people are still stressed out lol this is amazing! really helps me. I’m a mother of two young boys, a 7 year old who’s healthy and 3 year old (who has cystic fibrosis but doing well) I finally after three years decided to finish my registered nurse degree online. I graduate November lord willing, this music has really helped me to keep focus, the softness of the guitar has really helped me focus. Thank you, along with this beautiful photo, the birds chirping in the background make me feel like I am outdoors. My favorite place to be♥ peace to all those studying♥

  4. I like this music 🎼 because every time I get home 🏠 from school I do my homework 📚 then I listen it to relax my body and my arms so THANK YOU 🙏 I like your music 🎵

  5. i hit myslfe hard when i haveing a bad day like i want to kill myslfe because life is not beautiful to me god what sould i do but this music make life seem beautiful thx you for this

  6. this is like come fall in love with learning
    love it thank u soo much dong hwan and the nature the birds the ocean it made my home feel like a gud place ..

  7. very pleasant way to knock out loud people at the coffee shop i’m currently writing my master’s thesis in. thank you!

  8. I LOVE THIS ❣ SO GO NEED TO TRY IT OUT ❣ Keep up the good work
    Ketchup later😜
    I can’t believe that this helps you!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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  10. I heard there’s no foolish questions only a foolish anwers so:
    can a relaxing music affect animals too and calm them down? 😀

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