Study Music – Music For Concentration And Stress Relief

18 thoughts on “Study Music – Music For Concentration And Stress Relief”

  1. this music is soo amazing that i dont want to study and keep listening to the music. huh. sadly get back to study….

  2. Its about distracting distraction. I can sit wanting to work but getting distracted by any or many things. lets face it YouTube is culprit no 1.
    The music in the back ground somehow short circuits the distraction, Allowing cleaner more focused work.
    Music of this type has been an absolute revelation to me. without it, on a good day my productivity is reduced on a bad day i get to know a lot about air crashes and the workings of the latest Glock. I would be interested to know if any one else has similar experiences or is it as i fear just me.

  3. Really relaxing music and has helped me write my essay so much more easily. Stress free for once and I can focus more!

  4. This music takes me to the places where I haven’t been before. Glad to stop by at your channel , you deserve a Noble Peace prize 2018 Michael

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  6. thank you so much Im doing homework and im stressed and crying but as soon as I herd this music I started to calm down

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