Listening To Mozart Won’t Make You Smarter

31 thoughts on “Listening To Mozart Won’t Make You Smarter”

  1. But listening to music overall has been shown to have numerous positive cognitive effects. I wouldn’t say permanently increased IQ is one of them, but there are tons of others.

  2. Shh. Be quiet this is what I tell people when they ask my why I am so smart, and I don’t want to talk to them.

  3. awesome video as always. I have a suggestion. the idea of to put Spanish subtitles and maybe other languages. the knowledge would spread and more people will watch the videos. if need help I could make it. or even the fans all together. even I can use speech software.
    excellent video.

  4. Listening to Mozart might not make you smarter, but it will certainly make you /feel/ smarter.

  5. The idea that sound can effect the brain makes sense, and has been proven, but the idea that it can be as simple as Mozart = higher IQ is plain silly.

  6. The English subtitles often don’t match what’s being spoken. Around the last minute of the video, they are comically fast for a while. I’m guessing the video was edited shorter or somebody is joking around.

  7. There is a study saying listening to relaxing music, including Mozart does improve learning as opposed to listening to heavy beats. There is even a perceptible change in infant breathing patterns when listening to Mozart as opposed to a heavier more dramatic classical piece.

  8. Only mastering to play Mozart well will make people smarter. Or it could be that only intelligent people can play Mozart well.

  9. My wife and I want you to do an episode on the origins of the IQ test, what it’s really supposed to tell us, and if it is still considered relevant.

  10. I wonder if there is any link between intelligence and music tastes. It would be interesting to see what, if any, affects of listening to music as children has on them in the long term.

  11. Compared to listening to (insert any crappy pop music), you bet the Mozart makes you smarter!

  12. I like this video, kinda, but I liked Mozart first. I think you should edit the video’s ending for volume level, maybe not so much louder than the video. Thanks for your excellent work.

  13. Yet another example of why the popular media should be held suspect when “reporting” on medical/psychology ‘studies’.

  14. Playing piano will NOT raise your IQ by 30 percent (three standard deviations above the mean – going from average to very gifted). According to every study I found it raised these measures by three points, that’s hardly even statistically important. The right diet on the test day would surely do that. This study is one you even cited in the SHOW MORE section. What’s going on???

  15. So people should probably be aloud to listen to music they like while they work, because that can help them be productive.

  16. Listening to Mozart won’t make you smarter, but it has a correlation with being smart. Big difference.

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