BEST Music To Help Study And Work To (from Study Music Project)

14 thoughts on “BEST Music To Help Study And Work To (from Study Music Project)”

  1. I want to say good luck to everyone! I know there are times when we want to do ANYTHING but what we are supposed to be doing. But I would just like to say. stay strong!! You and I can both do this! I believe I can finish all of my work for the day today!! We will all succeed!! Have faith in yourself and work hard to pursue your dreams!! 😉

  2. Its been 4 years since i last heard this, seems like just yesterday i was studying all day to pass a exam that meant the world to me .

    Now i’m back again… bigger goals and harder test hahaha

    good luck everyone

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  5. this music really fits me well! i cannot find any other music than this for studying. it really helps me to concentrate on studying because the when i listen to this music, i did not feel sleepy at all not like any other music for studying. besides, this music have a happy beats and i really like that. the instrumental music make me feel like its the same in many korean drama ive watched. your playlist is the best! thank you for this.. now let me continue to study hahahahah

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