Music For Brain Power

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  1. y’know… half the comments are about whether or not we are guilty… for not doing our work… I’m technically using my mom’s account, so yes, guilty.

  2. Like, if your just reading the comments and everyone is like continue working and you just keep scrolling

  3. I have to write an essay with the title “books are my best friend”, and the only thing this music helped me to write is:
    Books are my best friend
    They help me to understand
    What I can’t do from myself
    Books have helped me so many times
    They have the answers for my deepest desires
    If google do not work
    And I have plenty of time
    Oh, with books I’m fineeeeee

  4. thank you for this masterpiece, My IQ is now 10000000000000000000000 which means I can finally watch Rick and Morty

  5. I am not using it for studying or doing homework, I am simply listening while playing online strategy games. I became more calm, I react better to losses, I don’t get angry if something bad happens or I/We lose and I became more effective. My reaction time is better, I can make decisions faster without thinking about what to do and I solve any kind of problem better. I don’t start thinking about how bad some situation became, or giving up, I never gave up anything since I am listening to these, I always go back and try again or try another way, and most of the time I win, if any problem occurs I can find a way to solve them faster and easier, I am not stuck with solving it one way, I can always find many other ways. I don’t blame others for my failures or for any failure, I give them advise and help them, defend them against those who starts harassing them for simply making some mistake or being new to a game or situation. These are not intentional changes, they just happened and I just recognized it.
    In the past aristocratics, kings, rulers, lords payed for this or only they got to hear these musics, operas, for everybody else it was not cheap or easy to experience this experience. So think about it, and use it opportunity until you can before someone takes it away. Technically in nowadays you can learn almost anything, I mean even get access to the true knowledge about many things, you can get some of that too, and you can listen to any kind of these musics for free with better sound quality in your home. Leave the television and do this instead while playing, even studying or having time with your friends. Get some friends, not to many just a few trustworthy and life long laster, start communicating with other people, start being honest and form real communities again.

  6. Hi lovely person stop scrolling through the comments and get back to that essay, or studying for that test or exam. You can do this! i believe in you <3

  7. Прекрасно! Под эту чудесную музыку я сейчас делаю гимнастику.

  8. Hey you! Yes you the one scrolling to the comments, if you are using this to concentrate there is no need to look at the comments. GET BACK TO WORK!

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