6-Hour Mozart Piano Classical Music Studying Playlist Mix By JaBig: Great Beautiful Long Pieces

19 thoughts on “6-Hour Mozart Piano Classical Music Studying Playlist Mix By JaBig: Great Beautiful Long Pieces”

  1. Mixing the ol’ Mozart piano concertos, eh?! Hard to go wrong there. Times would have been helpful for everyone. Great selection, if you could add the times when these begin it would really help to guide people to their favorites. Like 36:05

  2. ah yes. that’s it.
    me being able to seriously focus for like 45 minutes with this in the background and then wonder why i even turned this on…. bc now im distracted by how good it is

  3. I failed my finals because i was listening to this when i was studying. thanks. False advertisement smh

  4. For me, Mozart is the most emotionally wide-ranging, complex, and nuanced composer. He expresses both the divinity of the Baroque era before his time and the humanity of the Romantic period after, all without sacrificing form for expression. His spirituality is a human spirituality, not heavy, ornate and oppressive like Bach’s; his emotions are angelic emotions, not gaudy, overflowing, and domineering like Beethoven’s. He is the greatest for me precisely because he did not revolutionize/advance the history of music, like Bach or Beethoven or Shostakovich did. The purpose of art is not to innovate, to advance, to be subject to history. Art is there to express what is eternal. And no one expresses shades of unbounded joy and crippling melancholy (sometimes both at the same time) and everything else in between, as well as Mozart did.
    “Mozart resolved his emotions on a level that transformed them into moods uncontaminated by mortal anguish, enabling him to express the angelic anguish that is so peculiarly his own.” – Yehudi Menuhin

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