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Album for the Young (Album für die Jugend) Op. 68
01 Melody 00:00
02 Soldiers’ March 01:04
03 Humming Song 02:08
04 Chorale 03:00
05 A little piece 04:11
06 The poor orphan 05:01
07 Hunting song 06:35
08 The wild rider 07:39
09 Folk song 08:13
10 The happy farmer, returning from work 09:41
11 Sicilienne 10:26
12 Knecht Ruprecht 12:07
13 May, sweet may 14:31
14 Little etude 16:17
15 Spring song 18:43
16 First sorrow 20:33
17 The little morning wanderer 22:08
18 The reaper’s song 23:20
19 Little romance 24:33
20 Rustic song 25:35
21 Untitled 27:13
22 Roundelay 29:06
23 The Horseman 30:49
24 Harvest song 32:08
25 Echoes from the theatre 33:25
26 Untitled 35:06
27 A little canon 37:09
28 Remembrance 38:51
29 The stranger 40:51
30 Untitled 43:30
31 Song of war 46:22
32 Sheherazade 47:33
33 Gathering of the grapes, happy time 50:49
34 Theme 52:25
35 Mignon 54:33
36 Italian mariners’ song 58:05
37 Sailors’ song 59:20
38 Wintertime I 1:01:26
39 Wintertime II 1:03:32
40 Little fugue 1:07:23
41 Northern song 1:09:37
42 Figured chorale 1:11:20
43 New Year’s Eve 1:12:40

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25 thoughts

  1. Enchantment! One of the great benefactors. Belongs with other gifts to humanity, young and old, such as Robert Louis Stevenson’s “A Child’s Garden of Verses”, Lewis Carroll”s “Alice” writings, Mozart piano pieces. Works that delight us as children , teach and support us as adults and give us solace and peace as we near the end of our journey. Thank you.

  2. This is an awesome recording of a pinnacle in the piano repertoire. Thanks for posting it. Who’s the pianist?

  3. Did Schumann always have that ear ring or was it placed there for the sake of Album for the “young”? Haha

  4. At around 9:40-9:45 – music that MGM borrowed from Schumann to use in “The Wizard of Oz”!

  5. I noticed the earring too. I was thinking that maybe he wore it because of a health problem. Some people wear earrings for migraine headaches, or maybe some other health condition. He wasn’t a very healthy person as history states. Or maybe it was just a fashion statement of the day.

  6. Very beautiful!!! As a young person I discovered the beauty of the 10th interval thanks to these works!!!
    Some of them are pretty difficult for younger people, but the reward is immense!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. For a music company like Halidon to share the music they should’ve sell, made me learn the harsh reality of world.

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