‘Sad Piano Songs’ | Emotional Piano Songs, Solo Piano Classical Music For Ballet Class And Relax

“Sad Piano Songs” | Emotional Piano Songs, Solo Piano Classical Music for Ballet Class and Relax. Music & video by @relax_river
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…more great relaxing music to come!

in collaboration with our partner Rehegoo, RelaxRiver presents “Ballet Class – Piano music for dance lessons, kids and adults studio training”: a brand new app for iPhone and iPad.

If you need the right music to start up your dance session, this is the perfect app that includes the best soundtrack you can desire while dancing. You can choose among 12 songs for any kind of training (such as Tendus, Pliés, Rond de Jambe and more!), and adjust the length of each track.

Press “play” and start your training session! Ballet Class is extremely user friendly, with a minimalist and intuitive interface. Access the tune list and choose how much each song will play, then proceed with your routine! Having Ballet Class on your device is just like having your professional pianist.

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Enjoy the experience of our best relaxing solo piano music. Emotional songs ideal for ballet class and exercise. You can dance and express yourself with the soft, sad and gentle piano notes of this classical playlist.

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  1. Wow it’s so calm. When I do my homework I will listen to it. I would recommend it 100 out of 100.♡♡♡♡

  2. Can someone please tell me what this is called and who it’s by I need it for an exam thanks xx

  3. U guys should type up “at the ivy gate” it’s the most beautiful song ever!

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