pink highlights for brown hair

How to create pink in highlights for brown hair

Do you want to have highlights brown hair? Do you think it hard? You may add a splash of pink to your hair. However, for getting it you will not have to be left to a professional stylist. This means that you will be able to do it by yourself. Just check the following steps for pink highlights for brown hair. Just determine how long your hair highlighted pink. This […]

modern mohawk haircut

Get it now: How to put up spiky Mohawk haircuts for black women

Do you want to turn your own hair into a sharp? Are you ready for pointed work of art? Undeniably many people try to invent haircuts. They try to create the most chic and current style—including Mohawk haircuts for women. However, there are people who are interested in classic style of Mohawk. You may be one of them. It is called as spiky Mohawk hairstyle which is a fan or […]

short mohawk haircut

All about short Mohawk haircuts for black women

Are you attached to short style? Have you tried Mohawk hairstyle? Nowadays, short Mohawk hairstyle for women has been very popular. Previously, Mohawk hairstyle tends to be related to men because the style is little bit shows funky style. However, the era has turned out and it makes Mohawk hairstyle become very common among women or girls, even kids. Mohawk in the case of women are usually characterized by the […]

mohawk hairstyles african american women

Long hair Mohawk updos hairstyle for women with long hair

Mohawk is popularly in short shape. Many people consider that Mohawk is identical with short hair with a chick form at the center of hair. However, few people do not know that there are some variations of long Mohawk hairstyle for women with long hair. One of them is the long hair Mohawk updos. The style is purposely applied for women who have longer hair than men. Basically, the concept […]

mohawk hairstyles for black women with short hair

Be trendy with curly Mohawk hairstyle black women

Do you have natural curly hair? Do you treat it with a great style? Especially black women, they are mostly granted by a great natural curly hair. Actually this is a great blessing to become high trendy hairstyle. You can treat them with almost all hairstyles. One of them is to treat your natural curly hair with curly Mohawk hairstyle black women. This will give you a high experience haircut. […]

braided mohawk hairstyles for girls

Braided Mohawk hairstyle for African American women

Many people have opinion that Mohawk hairstyles are one of chic hairstyle. The unique hair style comes to be adapted by many different countries. It suits for almost all types of people and leaves enough scope to experiment more. However with natural hair type of African American, Mohawk hairstyle will look chic applied on their hair, particularly braided Mohawk. This is why the hairstyle called as Mohawk hairstyles African American […]

maxi skirt trend

Get to know nail bow designs and colors for tan skin

There are many ways for showing off your appearance. It can be through your hairstyle, fashion or nail polish. One of the ways is to polish your nail. If you want to get stylish with your nail, you have to get to know as to the ways of choosing your nail polish. You can try putting a custom design on your nails. One of them is to have nail bow […]

nails with bows on them

Steps for nails Christmas designs with bows on them

There has been said that nail art is a creative way to express your individuality. This means that you can use your nail as aspect that can express who you are. If you use some salons service, you may find it is equipped with airbrush machines capable of creating intricate works of art on less than an inch of space. In terms, you will find how unique it beautifying your […]

nails designs christmas

African American nail art with a bow, xmas and Christmas design

There is a good statement says that you have to care about your appearance because it will draw who you are exactly. This compels that your appearance is really important to show up as to who you are. It ranges from your fashion to your nail art designs. Actually if you are African American, there are a number of African American nail art that may be your best choice. What […]

short bob with highlights

Short bob hairstyles for black or African American women 2015

Are you interested in shortbob haircuts for black women 2015? Have you found a right place for getting such haircuts? Commonly black women have thick black locks. This is why they will be able naturally to try their hands over their thick bob hairdos. However, it should be appropriated with the shapes of their face i.e. round, square or love face shapes—black women were born in various face characteristics. So, […]